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Happy New Laws 2008

Happy New Year! Here is a selective summary of new laws affecting Illinois motorists beginning 1/1/2008:

(The summary is after the jump – it’s a really long post!)

License Plate Laws

No License Plate Covers” (#95-0029): Prohibits clear (as well as tinted) plastic license plate covers.

New vanity license plates (various numbers): Support the Troops, Iraq and Afghanistan (for those who have earned the appropriate campaign medals), Korean Service (for those eligible), Rotary Club and Torch Run, Sheet Metal Workers International Association, Ovarian Cancer awareness, Boy and Girl Scouts (for those eligible), Golf, Disabled Veterans, Agriculture in the Classroom, Fire Chief (for those eligible), Gold Star (for those eligible), Autism.


How’s My Driving School Bus” (#95-0176) Brief synopsis: School buses will now display a “visible and readable” sign) listing a phone number which can be used to report erratic driving by the bus’ operator.

School Bus Inspection” (#95-0260) Brief synopsis: The school bus driver must be the last person to leave the bus at the end of the route, and should ensure that no passenger has been left behind.

Reckless Vehicle At School” (#95-0467) Brief synopsis: Spells out felony charges if reckless driving results in bodily harm to a child or or school crossing guard while said guard is performing his or her official duties.

School Crosswalk” (#95-0302 ): Creates the offense of failure to stop for or yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk in a school zone.

Juvi Driving Records” (#95-0201) Brief synopsis: Parents or guardians of drivers under 18 years of age may view their charges’ driving records online.

Graduated License” (#95-0310) Brief synopsis: Places additional restrictions on instruction permit and graduated license holders (see Act for details).

Intoxicated Motoring

Liquor and DUI” (#95-0355) Brief synopsis of extract: Adds methamphetamine to the list of intoxicating compounds. Other provisions are also included in this Act.

Ignition Interlock” (#95-0027) Brief synopsis: For any person whose driving priveleges are contingent upon use of vehicles with ignition interlock (for instance, to measure blood alcohol level), it is unlawful for such person to drive a vehicle that is not equipped with the ignition interlock.

Others Notable Newbies

Leaving The Scene” (#95-0347) Brief synopsis: Strengthens the penalty for leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death or personal injury and failure to report such accident to the police.

Disability Parking” (#95-0430) Exceprt: Provides that disability license plates and parking decals and devices are not transferable from person to person. Provides that it is a violation of Code to park in a space reserved for persons with disabilities if the authorized holder of a disability license plate or parking decal or device does not enter or exit the vehicle at the time the special parking privileges are being used.

Truth in Towing” (#95-0562 ) Brief synopsis: Places consumer protections on those whose cars are towed and for which the tower demands payment in order to surrender the vehicle. Ahh, brings back memories of my Wrigleyville days.

A 64-page PDF of the updates (not limited solely to driving-related laws) is available on the Secretary of State’s website. The Peoria Journal Star also has a handy recap of the key laws.

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