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Enforcement takes a toll on Illinois motorists

The Daily Herald recently published a series of articles exposing toll enforcement errors and delays causing hassle to motorists.

Among issues identified:

  • “Hundreds of thousands of drivers” that incurred toll violations did not receive notices of these violations for over a year, due to a computer glitch. Due to the time lapse, fines and penalties multiplied – “hitting [affected motorists] with massive fines that have the potential to destroy someone’s credit and livelihood.” Furthermore, the Tollway Authority is not offering payment plans to ease the burden of paying these fines.
  • Toll enforcement cameras have difficulty reading specialty plates, which comprise approximately 25% of all Illinois license plates. Errors can result in violation notices being sent to the wrong registrant.

Here are links to the series, in case you missed it:

Part 1: Taking a heavy toll
Part 2: Critics call for reform of toll collection system
Part 3: Toll officials draw a blank on cheats tally

Additionally, there are supplemental features and a handful of reader letters rounding out the extensive coverage.

The series, and possibly the associated feedback from Daily Herald readers, prompted Illinois State Toll Highway Director Brian McPartlin to pen the agency’s side of the story.

So, there is more to transportation news than RTA doomsday. Stay tuned!

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  1. kilax says:

    My husband went through an IPASS toll in a rental car and forgot he didn’t have his pass with him! Sure enough, they tracked him down a few months later, but when he explained it, then only charged him the cost of the toll pass, rather than the big fine. I hope they don’t ruin these peoples’ credit!

  2. lcmotorist says:

    Glad to hear things were resolved for your husband, kilax!

    It pays to make a phone call to straighten things out and have someone hear your side of the story, especially when money is involved.

    I encourage all affected motorists to check their IPass accounts online, make phone calls, do whatever it takes to plead their cases and fight these unreasonable fines.

  3. navywife25 says:

    i received a toll violation notice over a year after it happened. i am not familiar with tollways at ALL, being born and raised in a town of 25,000… my husband was in a-school for the navy and i visited him at great lakes a few times, i noticed the tollways when i went through them, but i honestly didn’t know i was supposed to pay. i saw alot of people just going through them, i had no idea what i was doing was going to bite me later! i’m currently trying to explain to them that i will more than happily pay the tolls i missed, but tacking on an extra 20 bucks per violation is going to break me. i have a family to worry about, i don’t even live in illinois. i’ve never been back since my husband left.

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