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It came from the sky

News flash: It’s January in Chicagoland. Snow fell out of the sky last night and landed on surfaces, including the roads. It fell and fell throughout the night, and hours later when the sun rose over the morning commuters……it was still there, as if nobody anticipated that such a thing could happen here and now.

WBBM 780‘s amiable traffic reporter Bart Shore referred to this morning’s commute as the worst he’d seen in a while. I scoffed (Word of the Week) at Bart’s assessment, until I left home and found myself staring at miles of taillights on eastbound Route 60.

Sadly, that was the speediest part of my commute. I’m kidding, somewhat. When I finally pulled into the company parking lot nearly two hours later, my sense of humor was gone.

Two-lane county roads wore thin coats of snow and ice at 7:30 this morning. Were trucks not out plowing and salting through the night, as snow fell out of the sky and landed on surfaces including the roads? Poor road conditions only heighten headaches on traffic-choked routes already suffering under the weight of Lake County’s population explosion, of which I am part of the “problem”.

As evidenced from my reaction to Bart, I didn’t think it would be so bad out there until I got out there. I wonder if our transportation team thought the same?


Footnote: In all fairness, judging by several reports the traffic was bad all over Chicagoland, not just in Lake County. But my first-hand experience was with Lake County roads, so that’s what I covered.


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  1. kilax says:

    I heard the same too – my husband’s normal 45 minute drive was an hour and 45 minutes.

    I am all about driving safely, but some people just get SO scared when they see snow! Come on! You’re holding the rest of us up! 😉

    PS love the sarcasm 🙂

  2. lcmotorist says:

    Thanks kilax!

    I try to drive within the limits of my own and my vehicle’s abilities; I don’t try to plow through snowbanks or whip around 35-degree angles at 50MPH, but I usually don’t creep along in utter fear unless I am driving on these unplowed Lake County roads particularly late at night. Lake County is the Land that Streetlamps Forgot. I’m still not fully used to that.

    I’ve become slightly more cautious in bad weather over the years. A few more years and I’ll be outpaced in the snow by Buick sedans and Hoverounds. It’s a pity.

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