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Back down Route 120

This actually happened Wednesday night during “It Came From the Sky, Part 2″.

While creeping west on Route 120, I noticed a stopped vehicle in the eastbound lane, with cars began accumulating behind it like snowflakes on the cold pavement. I shrugged, assuming that either the stopped vehicle had been rear-ended or had broken down.

Suddenly, the vehicle’s right-turn signal began flashing. That was when I noticed that it was backing up, down Route 120, at night, in the snow.

The driver backed up for another 20 feet or so, then very slowly made a right turn (forward) into a church parking lot that has a day-care sign out front.

I nearly screamed the glass out of my windshield in utter amazement.

Barring any medical emergency or vehicular failure, really now: what was this person thinking, backing up down a major road in this weather? It’s called “keep driving forward until you find a safe place to turn around, and do so”.

I give kudos to the drivers held up by this incident. Nobody set forth a car horn sonata, despite the delay. Perhaps these motorists drank from a wellspring of patience and compassion borne of the crappy road conditions, while I took a swig of stunned surprise.

I once saw a car back up 500 feet on Route 41 because the driver apparently missed the exit. I assume the two incidents aren’t related, except that Wednesday’s experience dredged up the memory. This kind of driving is best left to cartoons, movies and Europe, not Grayslake.


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  1. kilax says:

    What a dumbass. Don’t people realize how dangerous that is? You are right, the ARE lucky people around them were cooperating, because usually they don’t!

    The worst people are those that back up in the tolls. AHHHH!!!!

  2. lcmotorist says:

    I forgot about the toll reverse-drivers! Before Open Road Tolling, I would see that every now and then. Craziness!

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