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Road Week Ahead: February 4 – February 8

Here’s what’s on tap for Lake County commuters this week: Road closures, Election Day, and more stuff from the sky.

Illinois DOT construction update report. Of note: Route 22 building demolition described in part as follows:

Building demolition of three single family two-story log cabins, one garage and three other buildings located on IL 22 (Half Day Road) in Lincolnshire…

Does this refer to the log cabin on Route 22 just east of Olde Half Day Road? I’ve been wondering about the story behind this house. Might anyone have info?

Here’s the Lake County DOT roadwork update report. According to the Daily Herald, Lake County road improvements may be fast-tracked thanks to the recently approved transit bailout package (remember that?)

Illinois Tollway construction update: Off-peak lane closures on Lake-Cook Road from 9 AM to 3PM, February 4 through 8.

Oh yeah, Tuesday is Election Day. Article: Lake County Board candidates spar over roadwork.

Interstate 94 weather report. “Metra weather” ahead: Monday and Tuesday are predicted to be messy; take public transit if you can. All the routes are running now.

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  1. Ignatius says:

    As for log cabins, the short story is the guy that owns Ernie’s service station and wreckers built at least one of the cabins. I forget why they were never occupied, but the Daily Herald did a story on them a year or two ago.

    You could probably call the paper’s Lake County office to find out more.

  2. lcmotorist says:

    Ah, thanks for the tip Ignatius!

  3. […] Illinois DOT construction update report doesn’t reflect this, but those Half-Day Road log cabins were finally torn down a few weeks ago. I haven’t driven that route in a while and was […]

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