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Libertyville’s focus on the commuter

Occasionally, a single village will dominate the commuter headlines. This week, that village is Libertyville.

Libertyville is evaluating relocating its Metra rail station further to the west, all the better to avoid long backups on Milwaukee Road during train stops. The village is also constructing new downtown parking garages to ease a parking drought.

As a motorist who not only has been stuck in Milwaukee Road Metra-related traffic jams, as well as “just because it’s Libertyville” traffic jams, I applaud the focus being given to easing traffic nightmares. Libertyville’s central district is also quite walkable, which I hope will be maintained and enhanced via these proposed enhancements.

It doesn’t hurt that these improvements are projected to give more consumers access to Libertyville’s downtown shops and restaurants, thereby increasing revenue. Commuters and consumers tend to be the same people.

At the risk of spurring “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia“-like statements, it would be nice if more Metra stations had a Caffeinated Beverage Fill-up Station (a.k.a. coffee shop) located nearby, like Libertyville does. These shops would not have to be major coffee chain outlets. An independently run shop would be lovely, just a friendly place to grab a cuppa should one not have time that morning to brew a batch at home.

More on Libertyville: Motorists should heed their speed through the village, especially along the recently reopened Butterfield Road and highly-trafficked Milwaukee Road and Route 137 intersections. Otherwise, you may have an unplanned meeting with this gentleman.

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  1. kilax says:

    I am all for this too. We occasionally enjoy downtown Libertyville… and I am often on that train backing up traffic in the morning!

    We have a mobile coffee shop at our stop in Round Lake! This van is there every morning selling coffee… it’s a start! I don’t drink it, but people love it!

  2. lcmotorist says:

    There’s a coffee vendor at Round Lake? Where do they set up “shop”?

    Usually when I use the RL station, I’m stuffing the money in the cashbox and dashing across the street at the last minute. I’m also a bit skittish about drinking coffee from a van, unless the van is owned by a brick-and-mortar coffee shop that makes good coffee. This van, it intrigues me though, and I’ll check it out.

  3. kilax says:

    The van usually parks in one of the first parking spots near the station. It’s privately owned though. And now that I think about it, I didn’t see it at all last week. I wonder if it wasn’t very profitable, or if they went to another stop.

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