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Pothole mid-season update

With another wintry mix in the short-term forecast, it should be noted that winter is far from over and potholes are still in bloom.

Call ’em out: Grayslake allows motorists to report pothole sightings via the village’s website. The website indicates that this online reporting service is for Grayslake residents, and the form asks for your identifying information including name and address. If you report a pothole and are not a Grayslake resident, what would the village do? I don’t know. Nevertheless, Grayslake joins Highland Park in making an online pothole reporting form available.

Potholes next door: Although this site’s primary focus is Lake County, it has a few McHenry County readers. We are neighbors, after all. If any of those neighbors happen to know which municipality maintains Route 31 in the Fox River Valley area, please tell them that the potholes in the valley are numerous and deep, and in need of repair.

Found a pothole and don’t know who to tell? You can always tell the press. Post about it on Pioneer Press‘ Lake County blog, and perhaps help someone else avoid tire damage. Read and learn from pothole reports sent to the Lake County News-Sun. If you know who’s in charge of the rocky road and want to tell them directly, refer to this January 2008 post for some links.

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  1. […] a voyage outside of McHenry County, Cal finds that the roads are rough all over. So I’m not the only one with a household vehicle tortured by Route 31’s treacherous pavement. I also didn’t […]

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