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Transportation is key in 2008 Strategic Plan

As previously noted, the Lake County Community Forums begin this week. The 2008 Strategic Plan, available on the county’s website, addresses the four strategic initiatives for near-future focus: transportation, drinking water, criminal justice and economic development. The Plan will likely provide inspiration for forum discussions.

Keeping with this blog’s commuter and motorist bent, here’s a recap of the transportation plan “as I read it”.

Increase capacity, preserve and maintain the county transportation infrastructure in line with population growth – this is the strategic priority, and summarizes the correlated plans.

Lake County’s population is increasing, as is the demand for infrastructure capacity. Public transit improvements are also needed to support the burgeoning citizen and corporate population.

Summary of strategic transportation plan:

  • Identify and obtain funding for various transportation initiatives. Of note, a four-cent increase in the Motor Fuel Tax has been sought – and vetoed by the Governor – in order to fund transportation projects.
  • Pursue key projects include the IL Route 120 corridor improvement and US Route 41 corridor improvement from Stearns School Road to Lake-Cook Road, a project currently in “informal consensus” [Ed. note: This Route 41 project is news to me, as I haven’t heard of this before]. Interestingly, the plan predicts “a series of costly intersection/interchange improvements” surrounding the Route 41 project.
  • Expand Lake County PASSAGE technologically aided transportation system (including cameras).
  • Coordinate traffic signal operations.

On the transit side:

  • Work with Metra to expand the Union Pacific Northwest line [Ed. note: What about North Central Service?]
  • “Work to support bus, rail, bicycle and pedestrian connections between job centers and public transit.”
  • Improve Paratransit service.
  • Identify “reverse commute” service options.
  • Extend and enhance “non-motorized” trail systems (read: bike and running paths).

I look forward to learning more about these plans and sharing that information with you.

Source: Lake County 2008 Strategic Plan

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