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Gurnee gears up for a busy roadwork season

Washington Street, as any frequent traveler of this road could attest, is in sore need of an upgrade. The pavement is pocked in places, cracked in others. There is a river of ruts delineating the left and right westbound lanes running all the way from US Route 41 to O’Plaine Road. I may avoid it for a while, but sooner or later I find myself turning west on Washington from northbound Milwaukee Avenue, staying within the lines like a kindergartener with a crayon lest my car be jiggled by the patchy trail.

This summer, road construction is coming to Washington Street and to the Gurnee area at large.

Lake County DOT plans to begin a major resurfacing of Washington Street from Six Flags Drive to Route 41 starting in April or May. Then there’s the Tollway’s Grand Avenue bridge reconstruction (part of the Tri-State Rebuild and Widen project) beginning in July. Construction of the Route 41 bridge at Grand Avenue kicks off in August.

David Ziegler, Gurnee’s Director of Community Development, offers several alternatives for motorists looking to get around Gurnee this summer. He provided a map of the detours, which I am sharing here.

“The Village of Gurnee is working closely with the Lake County DOT, the Illinois DOT and the Tollway to coordinate detour routes and maintain as much capacity as possible,” Ziegler wrote.

Mick Zawislak of the Daily Herald summarizes the painful construction season to come. Although Gurnee will be hit especially hard, traffic will be slowed all around the county, from the “northernmost north” (I-94 southbound exit to US-41) to the “southernmost south” (Lake-Cook Road widening).

Factor in the early predictions of a hot summer caused by this winter’s La Niña, and prepare to give the trusty (or not-so-trusty) vehicle air conditioner a workout during the long, hot waits.

As for Washington Street, the construction, though temporarily disruptive, is welcomed by this Lake County Motorist. Washington is one of my (many) alternate routes from Here to There.

I’ve spent a few Friday afternoon commutes stuck in Washington Street traffic watching funseekers screech by on the American Eagle roller coaster, wishing my car would transform into a bicycle so I could pedal my way to freedom.

In the meantime, motorists will just have to find a new way around the pretzel of construction, and ensure that their cars have enough coolant.

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