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A road by many other names

As the owner of an automobile GPS unit, I’ve taken notice of route numbers during my trips about town. I first noticed that the route numbers on the Lake County signs did not match the route numbers in my GPS unit.

Notably, my GPS refers to Gilmer Road as County Route (CR) 26, yet the signs I see along the road refer to it as CR-V76.

I initially viewed this as the GPS unit’s error. Disappointed with this apparent inaccuracy, I blamed the computer, as blame is the heritage bestowed upon all computers worldwide (it is always the computer’s fault, after all).

I then checked the Gilmer Road map on a different GPS unit for verification and, alas, Gilmer was again numbered as CR-26. Whaaaa? Are these the markings of a conspiracy of confusion?

I retreated to the household computer, the source of less blame than its miniature GPS cousin but still an untrustworthy computer nonetheless. Upon viewing these maps online, however, I saw an interesting thing: Gilmer Road actually has two route numbers assigned to it on the Navteq maps.

And what do the two GPS units involved have in common? Navteq maps! Shall I dig Agents Mulder and Scully out of retirement?

Lake County roads and their triple identities
More multi-monikered Lake County roads

According to the maps, Gilmer Road is dually numbered as CR-V76 and CR-26, while Fairfield Road wears CR-V61 publicly but masquerades as CR-49. I couldn’t find any information online as to why these roads have two sets of numbers. Perhaps an intrepid reader may share some insight.

My GPS is otherwise quite reliable, and is safer and more fun to use in while driving than a paper map. The love has grown quickly, as evidenced from my recent ode to the Maestro 3200.

However, this numbering madness may drive me back to the atlas, for paper is permanent and classic, and trusted by millions.

A paper atlas couldn’t possibly steer me wrong….unless it’s the Chicagoland street atlas that I own which features misnamed streets and an alarming number of typos, causing me to wonder if it would possibly lead me down the wrong route altogether. More on that one in a future post!

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  2. Jason Mares says:

    I too am intrigued by this. I’ve tried searching online for an explanation. It is stupid if you ask me. When you drive to other counties you don’t see the same problem. Why is Lake County crazy like this?!?

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