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The deal with Deerfield Parkway

Pardon my posting lag. The Memorial Day weekend was delightfully exhausting, and I spent precious little time with the computer.

But commuting carries on, as does road construction.

Commenter Rob asked, “Anyone know what project is planned at or near Deerfield Rd. & Milwaukee. EXPECT DELAY flashing signs appeared on both roads last week. Unable to find any info about what to expect?”

I groaned when I saw that sign near Deerfield and Milwaukee. How much worse can traffic get at this, one of the worst backups in Lake County? (OK, it missed my “10 worst” list, but it’s probably one one of the 12 worst).

Lake County DOT plans to put a traffic signal at Deerfield Parkway and Barclay Boulevard which is just west of Milwaukee, but that project isn’t slated to begin work for a while. If I recall, the sign listed a project start date of May 27. Deerfield Parkway is a County road, so I was surprised not to see any details of a May 27 project on the site.

However, I have another theory: private commercial development.

The $60 million Berenesa Plaza is planned for the western corners of Milwaukee Avenue and Deerfield Parkway in Buffalo Grove. To be included are a hotel, retail shops and restaurants, medical offices and other businesses.

Currently, Deerfield Parkway narrows to a single through-lane heading eastbound at Milwaukee. This will certainly not suffice once a “destination shopping center” moves in. The Berenesa site plan (12.6MB PDF) calls for a widening of Deerfield Road so that it will eventually be as wide as Milwaukee at this point.

So, although I didn’t find confirmation of this, my hunch is that the Plaza is the road construction culprit. If it isn’t now, it soon will be. The Barclay traffic signal is also on the site plan.

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  1. Rob says:

    Well it turns out that sign wasn’t to warn us of changes to come on Deerfield Pkwy, but rather changes on Milwaukee. It appears that Milwaukee goes down to one lane in both directions between Aptakisic and Inverrary. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!! Could there possibly be any more construction to mess things up in that area? I tried to find more information on the scope of the project and what exactly was going on, but I got nothing. Nothing in the paper, nothing on Buffalo Grove’s website that I could see.

    I’m running out of ways to go…

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