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48 roadwork projects get greenlighted in Lake County

Lake County is kicking 48 roadwork projects into gear. Funding will come from the quarter-cent transportation tax approved during the mass transit “doomsday” crisis of Winter ’08. Included are several key projects County residents have been eagerly anticipating. A few thoughts on those with which I am familiar:

1) Widening of Route 21 from 137 to Route 120 in Libertyville and Gurnee 

This is a major southbound bottleneck during the morning commute. Glad to see it’s on the list.

2) Widening of Routes 60, 60/83 and 45 in the Mundelein and Vernon Hills area

Yes! What a bottleneck. Route 68/83 even made my list of the ten worst Lake County backups (as the “Route 83 Rather-Not”).

3) Extension of Cedar Lake Road from Route 120 to Route 60 in Round Lake

This appears to have been the plan for a while, so let’s go for it!

4) Widening of Delany Road from Tanahill Drive to York House Road

The Delaney morning delay is awful, and the left-turn signal onto U.S. Route 41 never seems to last long enough. Widening is great, but can something be done about this intersection?

5) Widening of Washington Street from Hunt Club Road to Cemetery Road in Gurnee

Also much needed. Washington needs all the capacity it can get.

I haven’t experienced rush hour at the “Millburn Strangler” on Route 45, but having driven in the area I can understand how cars could stack up there.

6) Widening of Washington Street from Lake Street to Hainesville Road in Grayslake

Currently, traffic narrows from two lanes to one west of Lake Street, right before reaching the Metra tracks and Washington Street Metra station. It’s an evening commute bottleneck.

Projects about which I’m not so sure:

Intersection expansion and improvement at Wadsworth Road and Route 41 in Wadsworth. This one can be congested westbound during the morning rush if a train interferes, but there are much more congested intersections than this one; how’d it make the list?

Not sure if an underpass at Fairfield, Route 134 and the Metra tracks in Round Lake is as traffic-essential as the other projects.

The News Swami has a witty take on the whole mess of affairs, along with suggestions as to what projects should be added to the list. I heard a rumor that the repaving of the dark side of the moon – I mean, Grand Avenue near Gurnee Mills – has been given a “go”, but haven’t a link to share to prove it.

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  1. kilax says:

    A lot of these sound like good ideas. I hope they have a good schedule for the construction so they are not blocking all routes at the same time with construction.

  2. Rob says:

    Wow – let’s hope all these come to fruition and aren’t caught up in a bunch of red Lake County tape.

    As for the Fairfield/134/Metra underpass, while Fairfield does back up southbound in the morning, I never found it to be dreadfully backed up like other intersections. I think the money needs to be spent on the Rollins project under/overpass at the Metra tracks.

    HALLELUJAH to the widening of 60/83 through Mundelein, but I really wonder how they’re going to do that since peoples’ homes are so close to the road! If we can get 60 to 4 lanes from, say, Cedar Lake all the way to where it breaks off from 83, the amount of congestion relief provided will be enormous, and trickle down through other roads as well.

    Is there a complete list available with the expected project dates? Widening Gilmer from Midlothian to 83 would have been nice as wel.

  3. Haven’t found a comprehensive list of all projects yet, and I agree that these projects will hopefully be well-timed and well-spaced so as not to lock up traffic in the entire county at once! If I find more details, I’ll share ’em here on the blog.

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