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Playing catch-up

Before we begin, let’s get caught up on a few Lake County Transportation topics.

Tri-State Rebuild and Widen: Trucking right along, although I can’t resist asking “Are we there yet?” about the completion date. The northbound express lane recently disappeared and there are three all-access northbound lanes now.

Route 120: The bypass seems to be the thing. Volozen shares info from the Daily Herald: Consensus Reached on 120 Vision. Route 120 Corridor Planning Council has the details in their October 16 press release.

Route 53: Aside from the “yes” vote registered on the 2009 referendum, I haven’t heard much else about 53. Note that the referendum’s passage didn’t mean 53 was going to happen any time soon, but Lake County voters have made their opinions known. Let me know when the earth movers show up.

Construction: There’s quite a bit of it. Methinks federal stimulus money is spurring construction jobs and roadwork-induced commuter headaches well into late fall/early winter this year. Hopefully a bit of short-term motorist pain will give way to long-term motorist relief, at least until the housing market picks up and population increases.  Lake County Passage’s text-only Mobile web page provides a quick glance of what’s underway. Commuters are especially delayed by the various projects around Rt. 22, which coupled with limited escape routing through woodsy burbs makes this road a much-groaned-about topic.

Motorist links for the Road Week Ahead:

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Accidents spur changes on Edens extension

The Edens Spur has seen a lot of traffic accidents over the past few weeks. Now, in an effort to increase safety during this construction season, IDOT has reconfigured the spur in an effort to reduce crashes.

I was in the area on June 5, stuck in traffic on the surface streets, when three helicopters hovering over the Spur encouraged us to reroute even before noticing traffic being forced off the highway at Waukegan Road. I was also in the area June 13, when the wail of emergency vehicles heading to the accident around lunchtime convinced me that something severe had happened.

Commenters to the Chicago Tribune story offer, as usual, a melange of insight, knee-jerk same-old-same-oldisms, and a few good ideas for how to fix the Spur and its eastbound single-lane merge onto the Edens. I especially like the idea of taking the U.S. 41 merge down from three lanes to two, providing more room for the interstate folks to merge. As commenters note, 41 rarely has enough traffic to require three lanes at this point. If southbound 41 is backed up, it’s because the Edens itself is backed up. Furthermore, the Spur’s bridge already has enough room to support two lanes.

Hey IDOT: Any ideas on how to permanently fix the Spur?

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Road Week Ahead: June 9 – June 13

Here’s what’s on tap for Lake County commuters this week.

Monday’s temporary lane closures on the North Tri-State Tollway:

  • One lane will be closed in each direction between Route 173 and Stearns School Road from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • One southbound lane will be closed between Route 137 and Stearns School Road overnight. The lane will reopen by 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Stay up-to-date with the Lake County DOT roadwork update report and Illinois DOT construction update report.

Interstate 94 weather report: It’s storming heavily as I write this, and more storms are on the way Monday. We’ll dry out Tuesday through Thursday, with more storms on Friday.

Metra parking woes in Round Lake will get worse before they get better, as up to one-third of existing spaces will be taken out of commission during parking lot construction and expansion. Local riders may wish to start making plans now for alternate stations or ever-earlier departures.

Got a road tip? Click here to send it (opens in a new window).

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Road Week Ahead: June 2 – June 6

Here’s what’s on tap for Lake County commuters this week: Construction zone speeding crackdown, roadwork gets the green light, and don’t forget your rain gear.

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Road Week Ahead: May 19 – May 23

Here’s what’s on tap for Lake County commuters this week: New lane configurations on the northernmost portion of the Tri-State Tollway, more capacity on Metra, and the countdown begins to the unofficial start of summer: Memorial Day.

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