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I had to take a short break, but I plan to resume posting new content as of April 20 – just in time for road construction season!

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Leaping out of a snowy February

The 35 snowfall events of winter 2008 received plenty of press on Thursday. A snowy February is finally making its exit, so it’s time to see what the (near) future may hold, weather-wise, for Chicagoland.

From the Farmer’s Almanac: March will come in like the proverbial lion, with stormy conditions predicted for the Great Lakes region.

From the Old Farmer’s Almanac (not to be confused with the Farmer’s Almanac): The heaviest snowfall periods, like the month of February, should be over. Winter was predicted to be warmer and drier than usual. No specs on March, but wet snow is predicted for April.

From NOAA: Precipitation, low temperatures – basically, more February. History bears out that the weather will improve…eventually.

What does all of this mean for motorists? A snow-flecked commute may be in order for Friday. Nature’s car wash (rain) may greet us within a week, or it may still fall from the sky as snow. To stay abreast of this weather wackiness, consult your Weather Forecast Beacon.

Stay warm and dry, and “welcome, March!”

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The domain of Lake County Motorist

Lake County Motorist is now accessible via!

The blog remains hosted at, but URLs were updated to reflect the new domain name.

Lake County Motorist’s true domain, however, remains “all of Lake County”. Next stop: the known universe. Not really.

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List of Lake County DOT Roadwork Projects

LCDOT’s website lists current and upcoming roadwork projects. This website is often the layperson’s first warning of upcoming traffic issues. Projects include everything from bridge reconstruction to traffic signal installation.

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A few Lake County Passage links to get you started

To live in Lake County is to be stuck in traffic” – Congressman Mark Kirk in 2004, announcing Lake County Passage, our very own traffic management system. Too many people, two-lane roads, and now there’s too much traffic.

AM 1620 is Lake County’s all-traffic radio station. A recording recites a loop of local traffic advisories. It’s super-local and useful if you’re in the reception area. If only the narrator’s voice was less, ahem, annoying.

Big Brother is Watching – the recent and upcoming expansion of Lake County Passage traffic monitoring system to include more cameras.

“We’ll be working on this for years until we get the whole county covered” – Lake County Transportation Director Martin Buehler

There is a creepiness to that statement. Our tax dollars at work?

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