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The ten worst traffic backups in Lake County

Sometimes it can feel as if all of Lake County is one gridlocked, bottlenecked, backed-up road, but everything is relative. There are backups, and there are eye-rolling, engine-temperature-rising, steering-wheel-slapping brake sessions to set watches by. Year-round jam spots, not caused by temporary road construction, frequent enough to include in navigation directions: “Make a right on 83 to avoid the Route 60 traffic jam”.

From Deerfield to Mundelein, these are ten of the worst.

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The mystery of the crappy commute

Yesterday’s post concluded with me musing as to whether I’d “train it” or “drive it” today. Train or car, which would win the battle of the morning transportation choice?

The winner was: Car. Car because I had a few things to do after work, one of which was possibly attending the Route 120 meeting. Car because Car might have been lonely while I opted for Train all week. But not long after choosing Car this morning, I discovered that Train – even Super Late Train – would have been the better choice.

It must have been Accident Day, for the streets were lousy with ’em. “Tomith” (The Other Motorist In The House) phoned me from Route 83 to report that Route 60 was closed. Closed! To AM 1620 I went, seeking details. Apparently there was a building on fire on Route 60 and the authorities shut down the road.

Aside from the fire, I remember several reports of accidents, stalls and various slowdowns looping endlessly on AM 1620. Gilmer Road was a veritable magnet for motor incidents. There was no fresh snow on the roads this uncommonly sunny morning. Some chain of unfortunate events must have been set into motion, possibly caused by a) potholes b) black ice c) impatient drivers tired of winter road conditions d) all of the above or e) oh, let’s say, rabbit zombies. Something that may not even exist.

The mystery shall remain partially solved, as tomorrow brings a new commute and another opportunity to miss the train – I mean, catch the train. My budget can only handle so many “errands” at a time.

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