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Road salt shortage is a shared experience

A city that will “start rationing its road salt as its supplier is running low after a snowy winter that isn’t even finished yet.”

A city switching to a sand/salt mixture or a “grit/salt mixture” in order to keep its streets and walkways usable.

Is it another Lake County suburb?

Actually, it’s Ottawa, Canada, a city located in a country that seems to have perfected The Art of Winter. Ottawa’s snowfall so far this winter is 30% higher than their average for an entire season. Sound familiar?

Canada, a source of road salt for many communities across the northern U.S., is struggling to keep up with salt demand and communities are rationing what little they have left.

If there is solace in company, we have it with our northern neighbors.

The snowy roads looked much better when viewed from the window of the Metra train on Tuesday. I don’t know about the condition of Route 60 or Route 83 yesterday, but my rail road was clear and speedy. I did notice that my local streets were in good shape Tuesday night, so a hearty “Good job!” goes to the salt-starved county and village.

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Gurnee is sorry for running out of road salt

Following the 2007 snow season in which Gurnee was slammed for not plowing roads properly, egg met face again with Gurnee’s salt shortage and announcement that only major streets and intersections would be salted. Not only was that the plan, but it appears to have been the action as well.

Granted, several municipalities suffered from salt shortages this year, but the bad press just keeps piling up in Gurnee. Last Monday, Mayor Kristina Kovarik issued an official apology for all the trouble.

That’s last week’s news, though. This Monday, more snow fell on Gurnee and surrounding suburbs. Weather forecasters are predicting up to six inches of snow by early Tuesday. What can residents expect by way of snow removal? Did the river thaw enough for the salt barge to wiggle through and deliver its precious cargo of ice-melting magic?

Cheer up, Gurnee. We understand. At least you acknowledged resident frustration and made plans for a plan, so to speak.

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